• Posted 12 Feb, 2020
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Ever wished if there's a natural & reliable way to getting the menstrual cycle regular?

So that you can double or triple your chances of conceiving a healthy baby?
Do you think hormonal tablets could cure this???? NEVER!!!

Well, what if I tell you could regularise your periods, get rid of problems like excessive weight gain, facial hair growth, hormonal imbalance & thyroid issues in just 90 days?

And that too without a truckload of medicines, heavy exercise or dieting?

Hi, I am Dr.Valarrmathi Srinivasan, expert PCOD healer, researcher and health practitioner helping people to deal with lifestyle disorders.

After having helped 100+ women get healthy menstrual periods & get hormones to work in their favour, I have found out that all they need is to follow a 'Simple 90-Day Natural Fertility Plan'.

This 80% mindset & 20% lifestyle system have helped them

  • - Lose weight and become pre PCOS by retraining their mind
  • - Fit into their slim clothes again
  • - Regain their self-esteem and identity in work and family
  • - Come out of mood swings and feel supercharged with energy like a kid
  • - Spiritually Charged and Stay INSPIRED

Now, you can learn the system with my online webinar, TREAT AND BEAT PCOD: How to tune back to pre PCOS naturally and permanently in 90 days,

Here's what you are going to discover,

  • - Secret #1: How to Unlock the hidden mind obstacles and get your hormones work in your favour?
  • - Secret #2: How to get back to a healthy mensural cycle naturally by spending just 60 minutes a day?
  • - Secret #3: How to get back your beauty and get into the best shapes of your life in just 90 days?

If you are badly wanting to live the pre PCOS life that you are always wanting to live, then this programme is for you. At the end, you will be given a step by step transformation action plan on changing your lifestyle and thinking patterns. And just for attending the webinar, you will be given the following bonus.

  • Bonus #1: Live personal call to understand your symptoms and get personalized solutions
  • Bonus #2: Complete natural diet plan for weight loss/ PCOS.
  • Bonus #3: Personalized mind manifestation statements for PCOD.
  • Bonus #4: Exclusive Private Inspirational Facebook Community to get instant updates.
  • Bonus #5: Exclusive WhatsApp group to get instant updates.

I am on a mission to transform women to live their life with their peak energy and to create a SUPER CHARGED FRETILITY LIFESTYLE FOR WOMEN with the maximum happiness and no regret feel.

Now, its your time to beat the symptoms of PCOD and get back your super charged lifestyle.

If you resonate with this, then be there on the webinar, no matter what. Its worth your time.

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