• Posted 03 Feb, 2020
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Supplements for PCOD?

Can I start taking supplements for PCOD?? If so, what should I take??

As I always tell supplements in the form of tablets for any shakes for protein powders will never work your way. Instead you can change your diet system and start using all the following in the places of your cooking and in your diet so that they become the supplements for the foods that you are already using.

- Start cooking in coconut oil and gingelly oil

- Start using flax seeds in your dal two times in a week

- Stay connected with the nature and drink water whenever necessary

- Stay away from your technological gadgets consciously

- Listen to your your inner body how it is functioning

- Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables rather than taking chai and coffee.

Stay Inspired

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan

Women Fertility Coach


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