• Posted 25 Jan, 2020
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Infertile Eggs!!!

How horrible the food industry is !!!


I went to the supermarket yesterday and tried catching up with some nutritious stuff. Ofcourse, I normally don't get attracted with the list of ingredients in every food packet, so I completely avoid processed foods.

But EGGS. 🤭 I was left with no other option of those egg packets…

This word really disturbed me.
Being a Fertility Coach for women, am more conscious on every food we consume..

When the industry so clearly mentions it is INFERTILE GOLDEN EGGS, what else you need 🙃🙃🙃

Completely ignored eggs and came back home 😣

Do check to the contents and then go ahead with your purchase 🥰

Be Conscious and Wisdom filled Women 🤩

Stay Inspired
Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan 


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