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Maintain your Liver and Maintain your Beauty

Maintain your Liver and Maintain your Beauty😍💓 Beauty of a human being depends of the health of their liver.As well it is maintained, as beautiful you are!!!🤩🤩 What does this organ actually do?🤔 1. The yellow or the orange fluid called bile carries away bodily waste and break down the fats in small intestine during digestion. 2. Creates certain proteins in the blood plasma. 3. Stores glucose and releases whenever necessary. The by-products of the bile which are pure waste enters into intestine and leave the body in bowel movements and the by-products in the Blood are filtered out in the kidney and are released in urine. Let’s not get into more of science session now and stop our science in admiring this beautiful creation of the Almighty and Focus on its maintenance!!! Woow,…🙀What a beautiful engineering of sending the liquid and solid waste from the body!!!🤓🤓 Once all these wastes are purely sent out every day, we stay hale and healthy 💪🏻!!! But, are these wastes going out every day😔? What are all is getting clogged👾🚫? What is actually stopping its function🤔? How can we make this function better and maintain the beauty of our liver❓ As we service our cars🚗🚗🚗 and bikes 🚴🏻‍♀🛵 every particular kms how shall we service our liver at regular intervals❓ You can follow either of these techniques to flush out your liver.👇🏻 1. Drink Hot lemon water in the morning to flush out your liver🍵. This can be done for three times in a week , every alternative day. 2. Avoid eating foods that requires hard digestions, partly cooked meat, chips that are hard, maida foods like donuts🍩 highly baked foods🍞🥖🌭🍔🍕🍜 etc. 3. Try eating all foods in vvhthat are quick for digestion and juicy enpough (Juicy fruits, Ghee etc)🍌🍲🍊🍇🧂 4. Drink a cup of hot water with half teaspoon of turmeric and half teaspoon of pepper powder early in the morning for 48 days.🍵☕ Repeat it every three months. 5. SLEEP: Most powerful liver cleanser. The more and more deeper you sleep with no worries, it will allow the liver to function properly with its fullest capacity and flush out toxins from the body!!!😴😴😴 Regulate all your hormonal imbalances!!! Stay Inspired, Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan

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