• Posted 18 Nov, 2019
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Multitasking Woman

It’s the Zeal of Every Woman💁🏻 which makes them Lose their Weigh

Every woman undergoes different body changes in various stages of their life. The most important stages are the,

1. Puberty Stage
2. Days after their marriage
3. Days during and after their pregnancy
4. Menopause Stage

All these stages involve numerous hormonal imbalances😒 which accelerate enormous mood swings😟🥺😁😃, emotional traumas which will kindle more and more relationship issues. When the body incurs these hormonal imbalances, its quite natural that we as woman will miss out the flow of our habits 😐and leave life as it goes🤷🏻‍♀ Those who leave as the way it goes are sure to lose their shapes and curves⛄. Instead, it of high prominence that every woman should focus their energy to contribute to their own self-care, health routine and fertility by following a proper lifestyle, diet routines and most importantly the ZEAL to maintain a beautiful body .Without a hale and healthy body, your degrees and career will take you no way.

I wish every woman reading this to follow your INNER ZEAL and to take some personal time for you every day amidst your family pressures and professional challenges and enjoy the feminism inside you

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