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Healthify your nails

Maintain Healthy Nails💅🏻

Your nails reveal clues to your overall health💪🏻💃🏻

Here are some quick small tips to maintain healthy nails 🙌🏻

1. Do not scrub your nails scratching your skin or your head which may lead to spreading of infections🙆🏻🧟‍♀

2. Cut or trim your nails once in every 2 weeks regularly👆🏻👆🏻

3. Gently push back to cuticle once a week with wooden stick after your shower and apply the cuticle cream or the coconut oil to make it look neat.🧖🏻‍♀🧴

4. With regard to the length of the nails it is always recommended to keep it short so that you don't pick any infection or dirt on your nails.🙌🏻

5. In case if you are going for a nail paint ,go and invest 🛍💵in good quality nail polishes 💅🏻

6. Every night when you go to bed 🛌🏻, apply some coconut oil or almond oil to your hands and your nails to keep it hydrated and moisturized🧴🙌🏻.

7. At the time of heavy winters, wear plastic gloves☃🧤, while you wash your vessels 🍶and clothes👚👕👖 so that you can keep your hands away from the wrinkle skin and brittle nails🤲🏻..

8. Most importantly, nails are the true representation of your health. Before start eating a healthy diet and it automatically gets rejected in your skin and nails 🙀.

So, what should you eat to keep your skin and nails healthy🤔??

*****Fish🐟 Omega 3 fatty acids 💊
*****Calcium rich foods which is milk🥛
****Foods that are rich in vitamins A and C which is carrots🥕🥕, oranges🍊🍊, lemons🍋🍋 and gooseberries.

And very importantly, drink lot of water to keep your body hydrated🍶.

Happy and healthy living

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan

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