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Love Unexpressed is SIN

Hi my dear Friend,

I love you very much as you have decided to spend your time to read my article. Yes, this is called conditional love. I have come across various forms of love right from the time I am born, love to my father, love to my mother, and after five years of gap, love for my younger sister, love to my family members, the love I have shown to my school friends and teachers, etc. Like wise, in every stage of life, irrespective of the position that we take up as a daughter, son, husband or wife, daughter in law, sister in law we come across various people and various situation to share our love.

I don't want to speak anything like unconditional love which most mothers have for her children (expecting nothing in return) or what Mother Terasa had for the community. Those are called unconditional love, where we express our love, do work for them in both financial and non financial forms with no expectation in return. This is a stage beyond certain capacities of normal people. Let me talk in sense of which is easily implementable for normal people.

I would want to tell you that love is really worth only when you make the other person understand that for which you have to express it in the form of body language, gifts, your actions and most importantly YOUR WORDS. Unless this love is expressed, I don't think we can truly say, that we are really caring for our husband, children, wife, friends etc. Let me give you few examples.

  1. A wife gives oil massage to the husband to his head and body. The benefits of oil massage if I start writing, that will end up in a book publication. Now, this wife does this action in the due care that she has for her husband. She would or would not have done this for many years. But, what is expected out this action is an appreciation of thankfulness by the husband to his wife. If this is not done, it is waste telling everyone that he truly loves her.
  2. Similarly, the same is applicable for the wife too. I have seen many ladies speaking ill about their husband spreading a wrong vibration of their husband with their friends and family. If you have failed to express your love in the form of appreciation or gifts, hugs or prayers, when are you going to do it. And with whom are you going to express it.
  3. Another case, is most mother especially working mother in their 35-45 age, spending less time with their children and husband. Also men belonging to this age group, being busy earning money for settling down their children and family, finds no time to express their love. Of course, it is a very true fact, that there is inner love in large quantity. But, what's the use??? Who will know it?? When are you going to express it?
  • Children, are you waiting to see your parents in their old age to express their love?
  • Wifes, when are you planning to express you true love to the man (husband) who is taking care of you everyday??
  • Husbands, what good day in life are you waiting for to say your wife (to the girl who have left everything in life just for you) that you love her?
  • Mother-in-law's, what are you waiting for to express you thankfulness to you daughter-in-law who has taken the complete responsibility of taking care of your son and has relieved you from every responsibility?
  • Employees, when are you going to thank you organization for such great business opportunities that your organization has given to you??
  • Business heads, when are you planning to thank you employees for leaving everything and working for your vision. There is much beyond money for everyone to contribute.
  • Students, when are you going to thank your teachers for all what they have done in life for you in spite of their family pressures.

Likewise, every other relationship requires LOVE that needs TRUE EXPRESSION.

Unexpressed love is actually a SIN. Therefore, please do not save all your tears of love to see the another human being in the graveyard to express you love.

Today is the most wonderful day to express. IF NOT TODAY, THEN WHEN?

அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ அடைக்குந்தாழ், true love cannot be locked and kept inside. It will truly be expressed in the forms of tears. The earlier it is expressed, the smoother your relationship with everyone.

Wishing you to start you love life of expression.

Stay Inspired,

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan

Founder, Protons Academy

Mobile: +91 73733 05269

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