• Posted 15 May, 2019
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Is you marriage getting delayed?

Hi my dear friend,

Is you marriage getting delayed? Are you parents running behind astrologers? Are they making you also run to all temples and make all offerings to all temples possible? Are they doing everything in this world for you to get married?

Don't worry. I am telling you, nothing of the above will go waste. Everything will have its own vibration and will definitely work for you.

Are you facing a societal pressure, that just because your age is increasing that you have to get married?

If you worried just because you are aged, I am telling you, marriage is just a legal union of two people. Therefore, actually speaking age is not a problem. Its only a societal pressure and threats showing age also as an instrument for troubling you!!!

Are your relatives giving you trouble in every family occasion or family weddings that your marriage is getting delayed? If so, do not worry. A character in Bible called 'SARA' gave birth to a child even at the age of 600. So, child birth, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting all this is another science or blessing and will happen in the time it has to happen. Do not worry about it.

You may think then all the poojas and astrologer's words are going waste. May be!!!

You may think that all your friends have got married, your Under graduation, post graduation, your same age group colleagues everybody got married.

You age/ relatives/ horoscopes/ astrology or nothing will work!!!

I will strongly tell you, The only reason it is getting delayed is because of your thoughts.


You actually have lot of fears about marriage.

I know most of you will not accept this when I tell you!!

You may ask me, how do you think that you could have developed such fear!!!

You may have seen bad stories of failures in marriage of your friends, relatives, cousins, office colleagues etc. You should have seen lot of fights inside the family and have developed a threatening image of a husband or wife. Like wise, I could give you 100's of examples and reasons behind this.

You have to get yourself ready for marriage. Only then you will get married.

How should I remove these fears? There is no common medicine for everyone. Each case is different.

If you really want to get married and solve this and move ahead in life, I would love to spend my true time for listening to you and give you a proper solution. Believe me, am not running a matrimonial site. I only work on your mindsets and emotions. I have truly changed many many many people's lives.

Whenever I do a work, its 200% involvement into it. So, take up a consultation, we shall discuss, will come up with certain to-do's and action plan. Doing all what is said consistently for a minimum of 90-108 days, miracles will happen in your life!!!

Stay Inspired,

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan

Founder, Protons Academy

Mobile: +91 7373305269

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