• Posted 09 Feb, 2020
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6 pm Hunger

Are you also the one who carve to have something at 6 pm?

Most of us get hungry and want to eat something yummy at this time and we land up either eating lot of street food/ junks/ unhealthy stuffs that could control our carvings. That is of course not healthy. But, for that sake if you don't have anything and control your appetite that is even more dangerous.

Controlling your carving at this time will increase the cortisol levels (cortisol levels increases stress and too much of stress increases the levels of cortisol and will disturb the sugar level in the body), leading to

  • Over eating at dinner
  • Insulin Insensitivity
  • Slow digestion/ Low Metabolic Rates
  • Constipation

Why should we land up in all this just for controlling that craving???

Lets plan some thing healthy. I am been trying to change this craving. But mostly I am conscious of not taking any junk food and its due to poor availability. So, I tried preparing all the healthy stuff in a tasty way…

  • Puffed Rice with some turmeric in coconut oil
  • Channa/ Sprouts/ Green Gram as a form of salad
  • Handful of groundnuts
  • Raggi VADA/ Wheat VADA
  • Green Peas Sundal etc. Extreme varieties of healthy evening snack option are available. Try it out for yourself!!!

Handling this 6 pm hunger in the best way will be a key factor in your FAT LOSS and FITNESS JOURNEY.

Stay Inspired,

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan
Women's Fertility Coach

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