• Posted 14 Feb, 2020
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Dusty Uterus...

Women undergo extreme hormonal changes due to our menstrual cycle.

Every 28 days there is blood going out of the body☹. Due to the extreme lifestyle disorders😕😕, and the busy busy busy schedules of our life today, most of us are not getting our periods as per the cycle. Finally they land up with,

· Anxiety or irritability🤬

· Confusion and forgetfulness😢

· Withdrawal or depression🥺

· Reckless or inappropriate behavior😞
· Changes in appetite😯
· Fatigue🥴
· Missed menstrual cycles🙆🏻
· Sleep disturbances😴😧

The level of estrogen inside us can either drop dramatically or climb exponentially and directly affect the production of serotonin - a hormone involved in regulating our moods😗.

And with so many clients calling every day for the SUPER CHARGED FERTILITY LIFESTYLE, Its alarming to know that,

Many are getting in only 50 days, 6 months once, 8 months, three years once,

For many women🚺, periods happen only when take allopathic pills💊, different kinds of treatments and tablets every month🈷.

Are you conscious of the side effects???🤔

This is dangerous😱. What happens when you don’t dust your house for 6 months at a stretch…

🤔Can you visualize the amount of dust inside the room? (Look at the picture)👇🏻

The same happens inside your uterus when you don’t menstruate perfectly in 28 days.

It’s obvious that we undergo that mood swings and stress.

If you are conscious of regulating your periods to the perfect 28 days, reducing the bad weight inside your body, coming out of mood swings😞😯🥺😧😡😤😣, coming out of all bad thoughts, plan for your future 🔮, enter into super charged fertility lifestyle, get connected me at WhatsApp 7373305269!!!

Don’t wait for your 60-70’s to take action in your life!!!

Life your life to the fullest potential!!!

Stay Inspired

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan
Women Fertility Coach

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