• Posted 14 Feb, 2020
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Who controls you ?

After three months of extreme cold, there is SUN here Banaras......

Sometimes, when you are ready to do your tasks with all mindset, your environment will not support you !!

Imagine what energy you will have to your work at 3 degrees, wearing shocks and shoes inside house, watering windows, always sitting in front of the room heater, after dressing up well, wearing a jacket or sweater on your dress, except eyes, all the body of the body were covered for three months !!!!

How important the HEAT inside our environment, the fire energy to give life to all our activities, to give brightness in all our endeavors 

Our environment influences a lot!!! I believe the following are few important factors in my environment that tries to disturb and motivate me much…

My climate
My Food
My close friends
My parents
My husband
Social Media …

But, I don't normally leave the full control to any of the above ....

Whom do you think in your environment influence you much ???

Comment below !!!

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