• Posted 13 Feb, 2020
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Are you aware of the NEELAMBARI inside you?🙅🏻🤬

I am here opening that NEELAMBARI inside every women suffering with overweight😢, irregular menstruation, mood swings😟, delayed pregnancy😔.

Every 28 days, when we menstruate it is not only the immature egg that’s going out of the body, it includes all the stress😣, the negative thought process😕🙁☹😣😡and the entire mood swings of the month.

And when it is not going out on the 28 days, then the NEELAMBARI inside us pops up!!!😧

Usually, the most attached person, mostly the father👨 before marriage and husband👨 after marriage, sometimes our own CHILDREN👶🏻 becomes our jerries (slaves).

🤭 Have you observed that character inside you?
🤭 How many times have you shouted/ fought with them for no reason, just to pour out your stress?
🤭 How many times have you beaten your KID/children throwing your negativity?
🤭 How many times you have spoiled your relationships with your close friends in the office in the process of bringing our all this stress?
🤭How many good relationships and moments you have missed with your husband because of your mood swings and stress?

No one can understand that you are shouting😤 because of the delayed periods!!!

🤭 So, how are you going to develop with beautiful relationship with your husband, children, family, friends, move your projects in office, grow your family and career?
🤭 How are you going to reduce your excessive body weight that’s giving you the pressure of delayed periods?
🤭 How are you going to reduce your stress and remain calm/happy/romantic and graceful?

You got to first regulate your MENSTRUAL CYCLE to 28 days!!!
Do you agree with you?👍🏻

All else will fall in place!!!

If you want to come out of your irregular periods and mood swings, get connected in WhatsApp 7373305269

Stay Fertile,
Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan
Women Fertility Lifestyle Coach

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