• Posted 07 Feb, 2020
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Age is just a number!!!

🤔Do you think age will be a barrier for your pregnancy🤰🏻? Then, look at these couple👫.

At the age of 94🙀, he (Ramjit Raghav) had his first child to this wife (Shakunthala Devi) who was then 59.

He is a Indian, Vegetarian, from Maharashtra who is India's oldest father.

This lady is still having her menstrual cycle to conceive at the age of 59😱. There is also another lady who delivered a baby at 67.

With lot of discussions had with my PCOD clients, I understood that many ladies are in the pressure of conceiving a baby 👶🏻and delivering it and to confirm their feminism to this society😏😤.

With this women land up in mental pressure😖, emotional mood swings, irregular mensurations, excessive weight gain🙆🏻 landing in a mindset of conceiving baby through medical process rather than in a natural way🙁!!!

Come on!!!😇

Come out of your societal pressures🧐😌!!!


My GRANDMOTHER doesn't even know her age because she doesn't know her date of birth🤷🏻‍♀.

You child is the true LOVE bond between you and your husband 💑
Don't allow the pressure of your relatives and society🤬.

Get rid of PCOD, THYROID, ENDOMETRIOSIS, IRREGULAR MENSURATION, increase your Fertility levels and get conceived in the most natural way🤓😎 !!!

Let me know if you are interested!!! I will give a FREE invite for the next Webinar!!!😃

Stay Inspired,

Dr Valarrmathi Srinivasan 🧘
Women Fertility Lifestyle Coach


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